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Bonhams Customer - very pleased when receiving this stunning 1933 Rolls Royce Sedanca Coupe

Dear Allan

Many thanks for getting the 20/25 to us in time for Christmas . Although clearly too big to go on or under the tree it will certainly be visited and admired by our Christmas  guests.

Many thanks to Andrew (the driver) for all the care he took in getting the cars in, and his invaluable assistance in manoeuvring it into the barn garage,  It would have been hard work with just the two of us.

Also thank him for delivering the keys today. He insisted on staying to see if they were correct and worked, and then spent some time trying to find the mascot. Please tell him that is WAS in the boot all along, but in the box marked “radiator parts” which he and Jane had ignored!!

Please thank him very sincerely for going over and above to help us! If you have an “employee of the week/month” award he should definitely win it!

I hope you get all the necessary deliveries off by Christmas, and all the best for a Happy and Restful Christmas and Prosperous New Year.



The Brief:
I fully appreciate traffic can be unpredictable, I'd be most grateful if Andras might be able to keep me updated as I'm managing my parents' anxiety as this is a bit of a dark art to them. 

Comments after the collection
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you all for sorting the car collection. Andras was excellent ! 

Good afternoon, John / Allan

After only a short period of time, we are thrilled to see that your name has been brought to our attention, via feedback, that was relating to assistance provided by yourselves.

Following on from a series of unfortunate events, the customer could not have been more thankful to the team and was over the moon with your excellent service!

We would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication that you are providing, standards of which are reflected in comments like this from our customers.

Please pass on our thanks to all involved! Your hard work does not go un-noticed!

With warmest regards and thanks, 

Hi Chaps,

Thank you to all the team for the hard work getting our cars to and from the NEC. I’m sorry Andrew had such a difficult time yesterday but from our point of view it all went very smoothly.

Please could you provide a quote to take some cars to Silverstone (paddock garages) on Friday the 1st of December and return them on Monday the 4th of December. Can you fit six cars in that big transporter? If so please quote for 6 cars, if not 4 cars will be fine.

Kind regards,